[Components] Options property default not displayed in settings

I might miss the intended logic behind it, but the option’s default value is not reflected accordingly in the component settings.

A default is selected inside the component properties, but the options values field inside the component settings says “Select…”.
Still, the default value (25%) is applied, even though this is not apparent to the user.

Wouldn’t it make more sense if the default is applied/selected automatically in the component settings and when removing the default, none of the available options from the dropdown gets applied?

In case the default value is intended to be the default value in any way, it should be displayed as a placeholder, instead of the “Select…” when the selected or pre-applied value gets removed via blue dot.

Based on what the intended logic is, I might have some more thoughts in that regard.
Any feedback appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @Marius,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Indeed, the selected default for the Options property should be reflected in the component modification area, to avoid any confusion.

This might be a solution, though we might display the default as selected, it isn’t decided yet.

Moving to confirmed.

Thanks for your feedback @Araminta.

This is what I expected in the first place and makes most sense to me if removing the default (or any other selected option when a default is set) via blue dot would result in applying no option instead of the default option.

It could be considered, if a default is set, to offer a setting to make one selected option required, so it is mandatory to apply one of the available options without the ability to remove them via blue dot.
I might create a Feature Requests for this.

Thanks again.

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Once again, thank you for bringing this to our attention @Marius!

With 1.3.4, the default for the Options property is now reflected in the customiser:

If you include a default option, resetting automatically reverts the option to the default.

Or am I missing something?

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Amazing, @Araminta.
Following this route, does the ability to remove an option (via blue dot) still makes sense now :thinking:

The default option could receive a small indicator instead.


When the default option is selected, it gets its own additional CSS rule:

Is this intended/necessary?

Just some quick thoughts after the update, nothing I’m complaining about.