[Components] Get component property with dynamic tag

Create a new dynamic tag for component properties.

I’d love to be able to get component properties with dynamic tags. It would allow using component properties with the dynamic inserter that’s supported in many Cwicly Blocks. It will also allow accessing component properties from the Code Block. The latter gives the possibility of creating very complex Components and potentially avoiding extra plugins.

Thanks for considering.


Thank you so much for posting this @nadim.

I was playing with this idea for some days now but wasn’t sure how to bring it to the table, I think you nailed it here.

Excellent point! Not only custom code, but also HTML attributes via GUI, etc.
This would probably be the last piece for an all no code solution when it comes to customization of Component Settings.

Custom code in the background, which once setup, one never needs to mess with anymore.
The ultimate custom block solution for clients too!
No matter what, anything could be provided via a Component Setting.