Components and Repeaters

I have a Button Component in a Repeater with dynamic Button Text & Button Link. I can link up the button text to my component without issue dynamically within the Repeater, but adding a dynamic Repeater link to the button I can’t seem to manage. Is it something I am missing? Or is it not possible?

Any insight is appreciated :grinning:

Hi @hopscotch,
it seems that the repeater source for component links is missing:

I’m not sure if this is a bug or planned for a future update, this needs to be confirmed by someone else.

A temporary solution could be that you remove the component link propertie from the button block and set it up as a simple dynamic block without the component link:
In this case my repeater field footer_cta_rep_page is a Post Object.



Hi @hopscotch,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Indeed, currently you won’t be able to specify a Repeater link in a Component, as the necessary ‘ACF repeater’ data field is missing.

We’ll be sure to extend this functionality to Components as soon as possible.

Thank you for sharing this temporary workaround @T-low!

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@T-low ah thats brilliant thank you for the work around! Thank you for taking the time to try it out yourself. @Araminta I am delighted it wasn’t user error :joy: for a change. I look forward to that added functionality.

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I add in another issue (I think) I noticed regarding the components and repeaters.
If I pass a dynamic ID to a component, it alters the value of the id by adding -r-1, -r-2 at the end.
I think this is added to avoid getting a duplicate ID, but there should be a way to switch it off. (as for cases when we want to match a trigger id with a modal id)

Hi @Araminta and all,

I have the same issue with image and rich text, can’t connect to a repeater field…

Thanks @T-low for the tip :slight_smile:
(NOTE: It does not work if component is also used outside of a repeater, as a standalone block, since we can’t customize the field any longer.)