Component Repeaters

Hi, did i hear correctly today about the ability to create independent repeater fields inside of components? Will there be more information on this soon? I am curious about this and if i could use it for my current project. Thanks @Louis

Hello @ShannaKae,

Yes, repeater fields created directly from within a Component is something we’re planning to integrate in Components at some stage.
I can’t really give a time estimate and think they might come too late for your current project.
But if you have any insights on what you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to share!


Hi, so just checking in on this feature. I am setting up a component and was looking up how to set the dynamic repeater field and found my own post on the subject LOL. So to be clear, repeaters currently are NOT supported in any way for components yet? Correct?

@ShannaKae no, repeaters are not supported in components and also background images are not supported FYI :grimacing:

Hey @hopscotch thanks so much, when you say background images are you talking about for divs etc… I haven’t really been using those much yet so that isn’t an issue for me right now. But that will be important… So is there no way to layer up an image with text etc… like a hero section then for a component? I haven’t tried this yet. I guess the work around could be to use offsets from an adjacent block but that could get really messy really quickly especially with responsive design…

This is only related to specifying background images using component properties.

You can still use background images within components, you just can’t pass them directly in via properties.