Component cannot be inserted?

Cwicly Plugin version: 1.3.1


It seems that components cannot be inserted so easily…
I could insert components into Cwicly divs & containers, but not before/after a Gutenberg block.
What happens in a Gutenberg only post, for example?
Whenever I click on a component, I got a WP error notification:

Is it a limitation? If so, message should be a bit more explicit.
If not, how can I insert a component after/before a selected block?

I tried to drag and drop, but it looks like I cannot drop component anywhere (no WP blue line or anything):

… OK after trying a few more random drops, it seems that component is added as first block of the post.

This is very confusing.

Make sure you’re inserting the component into a block that can accept it. I can’t insert into a paragraph or heading, as an example, so make sure you have a div, container, or section selected. Alternately, don’t have anything selected to insert into the root.

Thanks for your response.
I find this very not very usable :wink:

Meanwhile I found out that drag and drop SOMETIMES work (blue insertion bar appearing in the canvas), but I can’t tell how/why:

This looks totally unpredictable :frowning: