Completely disable modal with nav block

Currently the nav block makes it easy to work with the modal and allows you to specify whether to use it for mobile, tablet and desktop.

There doesn’t appear to be a way to disable this completely.

If there is please let me know.

What I was expecting to see was something like: “Show from: None”.

@Louis @Araminta, we have a website releasing in the next few days that needs a persistent sub-navigation bar across all breakpoints, can you recommend any workaround to do this with the Nav block in the current Cwicly version?

Hello @StrangeTech,

Thanks for bringing this up.
Indeed, there currently is no possible way to deactivate the modal from appearing on one breakpoint.

This will be included in the next update later today/tomorrow.

Wouldn’t mind seeing how you use this :slight_smile:


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Thank you @Louis, this is extremely helpful!

There are multiple use cases currently.

  1. Footer menus
  2. In-page sub-navigation

In both cases, these menu items can wrap onto multiple lines rather than be hidden behind a modal menu button.

Speaking of which, what is the best practice for controlling the wrapping of menu items with the nav. It is still relatively new and if there are any examples or tutorials showing how to do different layouts, we would be grateful for any pointers.

For example, several of our designs have on desktop a single line, on tablet a dual column (aligned) and on mobile a single column.

I saw this has been added in the latest version, thank you again for such a quick turnaround @Louis! I will test it tomorrow morning.

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@Louis, after testing, I can confirm this is working as expected with the latest Cwicly version.

If you have any advice regarding best practices for wrapping, please let us know.

Thank you!

@JohnD & @Araminta, this can be marked as done as everything works perfectly now. Thank you!

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why not just using some small media query and disable at desired paramaters with the custom css inclusion?

Anything can be done with custom CSS, so that is always an option, this request was about the Cwicly UI specifically.

If there is already an existing feature and there is a missing element it is useful to add it as it allows creative freedom.

Also, some users may not be as familiar with CSS and therefore having a UI option will be extremely valuable for them.

And to confirm, this was already implemented, so it is available.

ok sure, i work well and like to work with CSS…i just saw the custom CSS textfield…i thought why it is so outbounded and not integrated to add custom CSS which works overall the page…for example is it possible to add custom CSS at global level? for example: i would like to just give ALL P-Tags a margin-bottom…i cant see where to accomplish this in the UX right? so why do i have to add for root-elements a custom CSS in the settings area? why its not possible to target the P-Tag like with a “.class p” to adjust it for example only for a certain kind of DIV but globally…or is this possible?

Yes, this is easy with Cwicly using global stylesheets:

This is possible using global classes and relative styles - please see my other previous response to you with an example of this relating to using it with the post content block in your template.