Coming Soon/Options page has stopped working

Note: I was able to get the Coming Soon template to work again by creating a new ACF field group. Interestingly enough when I created the button field the second time the formatting changed ie: entering the button options with a slug: option name syntax returned buttons per the image below … so I changed the buttons to just Button Name and adjusted my template visibility accordingly. This is what fixed my issue.

Per this thread:

and this video: Coming Soon and Maintenance Page - YouTube

I happily set up an ACF Options page and created a Coming Soon template.

I had this turned on and it was working great. I’m not sure when it stopped working but I have been messing with it for an hour to get it working again and am having no luck.

Options page is set to Coming Soon & visibility conditions for the Coming Soon template are per screenshot below.

Visibility conditions

Hello @smontreuil,

I’m sorry to hear the coming soon conditions stopped working.

Looking at your screenshot, please make sure to separate both labels and values with a space as stated in the ACF field description:

For more control, you may specify both a value and label like this:
red : Red

Otherwise, you will end up with a single value (which is fine if you target it properly, in your first case, you would have to === comingsoon: Coming Soon).


Thank you for the reply @Louis , the reason I shared the screenshot of the two different button setups was because I set them up exactly the same but the new one showed the tag and the label. Of course I can’t test now because I deleted the old one - which worked great when I set it up in the first place so that’s just weird. And, of course, now when I look at what you typed I see that you have a space before and after the colon and I only put one after which is why it didn’t display properly - so there’s that :roll_eyes:

At any rate, my concern in this case is the fact that the Coming Soon page was working and then stopped and I have no idea why but it is working now so that is all that matters at this point.

I appreciate your work!

Set it up with success the other day. And same here. Now it is not working.

So many steps to set it up. And not even working… And you can do typos because there are no chained drop downs …

Should not take more than 1 second. And it should work. And not be prone to typo-mistakes.