Combined Tab/Accordion Blocks

On many designs, a layout could work well as tabs on desktop works better as accordions on mobile. I’m wishing for a paradigm where the two structures are combined into one set of block controls, where the tab vs accordion layout can be toggled responsively.

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This may point you in the right direction: How to Change tabs to accordion on mobile - YouTube

Granted, it is not Cwicly, but the idea should transfer.

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This is indeed a very common situation, voted.

I’ve seen that approach in so many instances.

Not a fan of it, I think it doesn’t benefit UX.
It kind of forces too much interaction on the visitor, especially when the tab content isn’t only a small paragraph or so.

What I’ve always done, is a swipeable tablist that includes a visual indication that it’s actually swipeable.

Just wanted to leave some inspiration for a different approach here.

Of course, I can see that users could appreciate such functionality out of the box.
But I’m not sure how this could be achievable with all the freedom Cwicly gives us with this block.

A feature like this could come with some restrictions in that regard, which I clearly don’t want to see.

I would argue that the UX is dependent on a number of factors in the final design, including the number of toggles, the amount of content being displayed, as well as the way that the switchers are visually represented. Any options this request would expose should certainly never be forced on Cwicly users, and enabled only at the discretion of the site designer.

My main point is that Tab and Accordion blocks work with a similar paradigm: “title” blocks and “content” blocks. It seems to me that there should be no inherent reason why these must be structured differently between a tab and accordion design.

I’m aware that currently the Tab block bundles all the tabs in one group, and all the content blocks in another group, whereas the accordion block groups the headers and contents in a single group. Unifying the structure between these two would/should improve the editor experience, if for no other reason because of increased flexibility.

My suggestion is that Cwicly unveil new improved unified “Tab/Accordion” blocks which dynamically allow for either grouping structure, and as well as a responsive-aware toggle between the tab/accordion display. That way, existing designs can be honored, while unveiling entirely new design paradigms.