Columns block layout is broken if columns are links

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When a Columns block’s column is set to link, layout is not respected.

I think some CSS is missing because column has a tag instead of div.


Hi @yankiara,

Thanks for the report.

This is currently a limitation with the Columns block that we are aware of, so please excuse us for the inconvenience. Nesting a Div will be the solution.
This will be fixed with the rework of the Columns block, but I can’t give you a specific ETA for the moment.


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After assigning a link (or changing html tag) to column block inside columns block with grid enabled the layout of the grid breaks. This bug is caused by css selector “div.grid-layout>div:nth-child(…)”. Change of html tag is not represented inside of css selector. Maybe grid columns should be targeted by class instead like: “div.grid-layout>.collumn:nth-child(…)”.

Hope it makes sense.

Hi @AdrianVrtel,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Indeed, we are already aware of this issue as it was previously reported.

To sum things up:

  • Currently, the layout won’t break if auto-grid is turned on
  • To avoid this, you will have to wrap your column items in a div, and set the tag or link there instead

Rest assured, we will be investigating this error more closely, and see if it can be improved.

Thank you for your understanding.