Column/grid modules break if variables are used for spacing

Best illustrated with the video below:
Grid breaks down with variables used for gap

If I use the standard units built in (px, %, em, etc), it works well, but it breaks down if I use my variables.

It displays fine on the front-end, but I imagine in the back-end it’s having trouble grabbing the values from the stylesheet.

While we’re at it, could we add all the unit selections for the gap spacing for galleries as well?

As you can tell, units are a bugbear of mine. I try not to specify any “hard” units for anything on my sites. It’s all variables built on relative units (rem), so we can scale up and down different devices seamlessly, without having to add too many media queries in the CSS.

Thanks for your report.
Variables should now be supported for column gap properties in

As for gap spacing in galleries, this will be worked on at a later stage as a feature request.


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Thank you so much for this one.