Colour separation in navigation panel for extra oversight

Hi everyone,

I could be the only one wanting this, but personally I think it could be very helpful to have a colour separation in the navigation panel, so you can cwicly (see what I did there) see the difference between base elements like sections/columns and blocks or elements inside them. Having more overview over these I think could make it easier to navigate or change things structurally.

Any thoughts?

Assigning a color, maybe from a set of 4-6 predefined colors, to a Navigatior item for better organization and overview could make sense.

Fixed colors for blocks isn’t that flexible, since it also would be kind of forced then.

Just something which is popular from various operating systems, cloud services, etc., where one is able to change the folders color for a better visible indication/hierarchy.

If considered, it could be implemented in a decent way, like a border-left color, but still reasonably present/recognizable.
Something like changing the entire background color of Navigatior items would be too much.

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