Colour Palette Questions

I’m setting up my first site with Cwicly and trying to familiarise myself with all the tools.
I’ve previously used to create palettes with the same perceptual lightness to reduce the need for manual contrast checking and also to prevent uglyness when darkening certain hues.
When I’ve generated stuff with the colour → palette picker I’m having trouble working out what the beginning and end points actually mean. What the difference between Vivid being on and off is.
What the hue value is changing, it seems to have a big effect on more saturated colours and a smaller affect on less saturated ones, I’d like to be able to shift hues as colours darken to prevent yellow turning baby poop green and to have neutral greys that get cooler as they get darker.

Welcome to the forum Thomas! :partying_face:

I’d say just stick with the accessible palette and copy the values over to Cwicly. It’s own color picker ain’t that bad, but uses the HSL model afaik. Would be a great feature request to support the cielab and lch color ranges.

And thanks for the link! It’s a goldmine :smiling_face:

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With this tool you can create Tailwind palettes with fancy graphs:


Nice one @ThomasE and welcome :blush:

I created the following post in the tips section to share this.


Thanks for the replies, I made a little happy noise when I realised I could change the curves on those graphs, very cool.
I think I’m on the right path now, to load a custom palette into Tailwind I follow the docs on custom tailwind and the colour object syntax from Tailwind
Also for clarification, I didn’t create the accessible palette tool, I found it (I think from reddit/r/webdev) and added it to my bookmarks folder of useful tools

Always good to have such tools in the belt. :wink:

Oh nooo,
I don’t know how I could have missed the tool you linked @oppi, sorry :grimacing:
Added it to the collection :+1:

@ThomasE I thought of it as one of your tools in your collection. :wink: