Color of text links could not be changed

I preconfigured text links with colors in the global styles. Different colors assigned on a individual block basis do not apply, neither within the editor nor outside. Even without presetting in the global styles, text link color does not work

update: the issue is with inline link settings, not if a text block is linked as a whole via Cwicly block settings

Cwicly version []

should be black and not green:

Another issue within this context (Cwicly heading and paragraphs as or with links):

for Cwicly paragraph it is possible to erase the link underscore, but not for headings

Hello @FZwo,

Thanks for bringing this up.

Indeed, I have been looking at this over the last couple of months and have been wondering myself if the link stylings for paragraphs and buttons should also affect inner links.
Currently, the property is applied to a.paragraph only and explains why you’re experiencing this behaviour.

I don’t see anything stopping us from also applying it to inner links, and should include this in the next update.

This is explained by the fact that links in the Heading block are inlined. If you do want to keep the general rule of underlining your links except for specific situations, might I suggest relying on some Relative Styling?

yeah, it is not that important for headings, but for paragraphs it is a must, as inlined links can occur on different backgrounds and therefor making them flexible should definitely be possible

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Hi @FZwo,

This should be addressed in
Thanks for your patience.


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It is not fully solved, as you can see here:

Erasing decoration (erease the link underlining) does not work for inline links at all, and for linked at block level only for paragraphs. What is working now is coloring links, both for inline links and block level links