Color change after block duplication

I want to change the color after duplicating a block, but the color of the source block is also changed in conjunction with the duplicated block.
I assume it is because the class name is inherited, but is there any way to apply the color change only to the duplicated block?
It looks like I can manually change or delete the class name, but do I need to enter the class name manually in that case?

Hi @Takeru,

As you stated, after you duplicate a block, the class associated with this block is also duplicated. This is intentional and it is how it is supposed to work.

If you want to change styles to a new duplicated block, you would have to apply a new class to it.
You won’t lose the styling from the inherited class though. Every style applied to the origin class (before duplicating) would be copied to your new class.

@Dev.tomi Thanks!

I want to duplicate the div block including the icon block and the heading block and change only the icon color.
What is the easiest way to do this?

Simply duplicate the Div block element and assign a new class to the Icon block element.

I made a very short tutorial here:

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@Dev.tomi Thanks so much!

I’m glad it helped @Takeru!

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