Code block

Consider having a PHP code block for developers.

I like this idea. Then in the footer, for instance, you could get the current year for the copyright.

For your information, this is already possible.

That’s exciting. Where do you access this?

BTW, I searched the docs for “code” and for “PHP” and there wasn’t anything.

Sorry :slight_smile: , I was specifically replying to:

Then in the footer, for instance, you could get the current year for the copyright.

Which can be done with Dynamic Data → Custom Current Date → Y


@Louis: I saw in the roadmap that the development of a “Code Block” is not yet planned. Is it something that you discarded or just delayed?

The last version of “Code Snippet” seems to solve this issue.
Write PHP then it is possible to insert a shortcode created by the plugin.
Simple and efficient. (Not yet for JS!)

Hi @weedor,

Certainly not discarded, but delayed yes.
We want to make sure we get the perfect package as there are, as you say, quite a few good plugins that fulfil this need currently.

When Cwicly provides a code block, it will have to be properly integrated. This is something that we want to make sure happens correctly, which is why before touching the code block, we want to improve the Interactions etc… to make them “interact-able” - if needed - on the backend


Thank you @Louis.
This is exactly why I migrated to Cwicly.

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Another place that would benefit from an option to insert php would be the dynamic data inserter.
For example when using data from Custom Fields, some times your want to modify the output.
So there could be a code block in there where we can input our function to alter the echo’d data.

Or another implementation could be that the new code block “wraps” around the dynamic data, turns it into a variable, and from there we have a space to enter our functions.

Cwicly now includes a Code Block.


Yes. I think the code block in Cwicly is one of the finest I ever encoutered in a page builder.


Thanks @David for pointing this out! :slight_smile:

Moving this to Done.