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I have started building my first website with Cwicly but I just can’t seem to get a good understanding of the classes system. The documentation is simple and doesn’t always work. The info in this forum and in the Facebook community is scattered. I’m in desperate need of a explanation video where not only the ‘how it works’ is explained, but also the good practices in relation to how Cwicly works right now is enlighted. Anyone dares to make a (screencast) video? :smile:

Thanks in advance.


Sorry if my answer is a bit too rude or direct. But basically the classes system in cwicly is nothing more or less than CSS Classes Selectors.

What you would want to have a look at is maybe how CSS Classes work in general. I guess there are tons of videos out there describing it very well! You definitely need a basic understanding of how CSS works for any web project. It makes things way easier. You don’t need to be a pro, but basic concepts like how classes vs id’s work is something very crucial in my opinion!

What i can recommend you generally in terms of CSS is the YouTube channel of Kevin Powell, he’s very active in creating tutorials about CSS!

If you researched in that direction and you still don’t understand don’t hesitate to ask again, i would be happy to answer you any specific questions you may have! :wink:


Note: Additional classes are now virtual classes.

I know CSS very well. Thank you.

Alright, so what’s the specific problem with understanding the class-system then? It’s hard to determine what exactly you don’t understand if you don’t give a better context!
Do you have any specific scenario you want to achieve or any specific question you’re having trouble with the class-system?


I guess the trouble lies in the way I think. And maybe a bit in my understanding of English.
I can make a screencast of the troubles I face. I guess that will help. Will post this tomorrow

Yes that will help definitely! I’m sure we can sort out any troubles your facing! :+1::+1:

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Ok, I tested and tried a few more things. I’m starting to like the classes system. Problem was really the way I am used to work with global classes. I see that I can add global class name and when I style that class globally while this class is added to element, the styling is visual. Great!

Furthermore I was in the assumption that the classes in classes field (block inspector) and the virtual classes could be used throughout the website. But they only work on the page itself. Then I had an issue with styling global elements. f.e.: the link tag. I now see the global ‘L’style is more specific in CSS then this global style. I expected the other way around.

Ok, question: what is the value of the virtual class if this is only rendered on 1 page? Or: what do I see wrong here?

Whether it be you need an extra class on your block for a JS function, whether you want to add a class from another block that only exists on that page, whether you want to add a class that is provided by another plugin… How else are you going to do it other than adding a virtual class?
There are hundreds of valid uses for virtual classes.

But once again, if you don’t find a use for it, there’s no need to use it :wink:


Hi, webmaat,

the virtual classes are simply added after the global styles. You can use this i.e. to fine-tune a block.
For example, if you want to color a headline a little differently, you can select a different one, which is then stored in the virtual classes. You can then rename the virtual class as needed to make it easier to find later, should you want to apply it again somewhere else on the page.

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