Changing global colors variable name doesn't update all site

Cwicly Plugin version:


After updating sites to V1.3.2, I tried to rename my global color variables to match my custom CSS, but there is a huge issue: all blocks color fields are not updated with new color, as excepted, even after regenerating everything in settings.

For instance, here my nav block (WP header template) still has the old variable value, and same issue for ALL color field inside nav block (main, hover or relative styling):


Other example with icons in index template:


Thanks for investigating :slight_smile:

Hi @yankiara,

This isn’t a bug per say but an expected limitation given the circumstance.

To clarify, you are using global colours prior to the new colour system, thus explaining why they are not tracked.
Here is a visual demonstration:


As you can see, the new colours display the variable name in a legible format.

To track colours inserted prior to the new system, you will have to manually reselect them in the colour picker for the tracking to take effect.

We decided not to automate this process as it might have posed issues and might not have been wanted by all users.

Thank you for your understanding.

Moving this to General as the colours referenced above were not tracked, as explained by @Araminta.

Feel free to reply to this thread if you are experiencing issues with global colour renaming.