Change Toggle Active background color


I used a design from the library: Willow Pricing
There is a pricing-toggle for monthly or yearly.

I adjusted everything I wanted but only the background-color of the toggle I can’t change.
It keeps the blue color, but I want it brown.

I changed the active color, but it keeps up showing in blue:

Where is this blue color hidden?

site: Maatwerk website – Lijn-B Web Development


Try in advanced: {
 background: #ff0000;
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Thanks, that did the trick. But still willing to know how it can be changed with Cwicly.

You can use a relative style to do that. Simply create one for:

Same set .active

Apparently, there is a style already set and @Lijn-B wants to know where one can find it to tweak it instead of creating something new to override it.

On front-end, one can see that it’s block specific, but I couldn’t find it in the block inspector either.
Maybe I missed it or maybe there was a Relative Style in place already (which is rather likely to me), which isn’t accessible anymore.


I can imagine :slight_smile: I also couldn’t find it, but maybe the devs can give some insight.

Could you have a quick look at this please @Araminta?

I can provide a login if needed