Can't place the custom code inside Head

Hello, can’t place the custom code inside .
It still saving, but nothing happens.

WP: 6.1
Cwicl: Verze
Cwicly Theme: Verze: 1.0.3

Hello @petrbilek,

Sorry for the issue with this.
Could you possibly check your console log to see if there is any error that appears?

Thanks in advance.


Could you try regenerating your permalinks at:

  • Settings > Permalinks
  • Click the Save Changes button

Still the same. Saving and saving.

@petrbilek Have you tried deactivating all your plugins?

It’s weird, once i try to add something else, like: test with basic plain text it works.

once i tried to add the script it doesn’t work.

@petrbilek I feel may be your code is incorrect or any plugin such as security plugin is trying to block it. Give it a try deactivating all your plugins at once.

Already did, still persist. It’s weird. I have contacted my my hosting with that issue. Seems to be not related bug to Cwicly, but some protection of my hosting.

So it was Server firewall problem based on the hosting. Fixed and all works well. Sorry for taking yours time.

maybe change the thread category from bug to getting started and mark it as solved

thank you