Can't create product category archive template

I think i’m missing something… i can’t make my product category archive template work…
I’m very new to woocommerce, this is my first site, and i can’t do what i want and it’s very frustrating !
By default, woo create a lot of templates in the themer:

  • single product template works
  • product catalog works

i thought that “products by categories” were the archive template so i build this one but it did’nt work.
So i created an other template for “all archives” and it does not work

Here is the site:

If someone could help me, it would be nice :slight_smile:

Thanks !

PS : also, @Louis talks about @Araminta templates in his youtube video, but i can’t find these templates in the library… it would be nice to have the template you used for the youtube demo video

What specifically happens with these?

One important tip I can initially give, don’t use Themer visibility conditions for the WooCommerce templates, this can cause them not to load correctly.

nothing happened, that’s the problem :joy:

I had already gathered that much! :wink:

If I am understanding right, you are customising the template (you tried with both the default category template and a custom one it seems), viewing a product category on the front end and that template doesn’t appear to be used.

In this case, which template is being used instead when you view the category?

i guess it’s index template. But it looks like it doesn’t find the category page…
I have 2 categories for now : accessories and tshirts.
And i had set the permalink on domain/shop/category/product-name
And i wanted to land on a category archive when i was on domain/shop/category
But i had just a page with header and footer (i haven’t set up the 404 template)

So… i ended to remove the category from the slug, so people are not tempted to “shorten” the URL to find the category. Now i have domain/shop/product-name

The first step to isolating the issue is identifying this.

One tip to help you get to the solution faster is to frame things in the positive (what is actually happening) rather than the negative (what isn’t happening). It is not usually possible to fully identify a problem from what is not happening. If you asked me what I ate for breakfast this morning and I told you that I didn’t have cereal, you would still be none the wiser to the actual answer.

Are you using any permalink plugins (e.g. Permalink Manager Pro) or just the default woocommerce fields in the permalinks page to set this?

You can check the source of the page and look at the body tag classes to determine which template is being used, this will yield useful information to help narrow down what is happening.

Hi @pomilo,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.
Thank you for helping out, @StrangeTech!

This seems strange, as the Products by category template is applying as expected on my end.

To investigate further, could you possibly provide me with a temporary access to this installation?

If this is possible, for security and privacy reasons, kindly send the details using our paste website, by sharing the link generated by PM or email to

Thank you in advance.

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thank you @Araminta , i’ve sent you a PM with login details