Can't add space inside <button> text

If you add a Button or Div element, and change the tag to button, you can no longer add a space inside your button text.

For example, you can’t write: “Start Here,” only “StartHere.”

A workaround is to type your text first, then change the tag to button.

This was also an issue in the accordion headings a while back, but I haven’t tested to see if it’s still occurring.

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Hi there @sunny,

Apologies for the inconvenience.
I can confirm there is an issue when using Firefox, spaces aren’t added.

Will issue a fix as soon as possible.

Thanks for the report.

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Yeah, I use Safari for my personal and Firefox for work so I can confirm it was during work and on Firefox.

Hi @sunny,

This is a bit more complex of an issue as we don’t control the RichText component that receives user input and will take a bit longer than initially planned to fix.

This is also a known bug with Firefox <button> tags that have content editable children…

Hello @sunny,

If not mistaken, this was fixed in
If you still experience trouble with it, please let me know.