Can't add space in text after

Looks like a similar issue to what was happening with the nav block before.

When you add a new section, add a heading, and start typing, any spaces added by the space bar get removed after you finish the word.

Only tested in Firefox so far.

EDIT: I believe it might be working fine in Chrome.

Hello @sunny,

Thank you for the report and apologies for the inconvenience.

Indeed, I can confirm this on my side in Firefox, although it seems to have been present before the last update.

We might not be able to get a fix out before tomorrow, I would recommend using another browser in the meantime.

Sorry once again.


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Hello @sunny,

Going through the bug reports, I think this was fixed in
If you still experience trouble with this issue, Iā€™d be grateful if you could let me know.

Thanks in advance.