Can we have auto post exception dynamic tag?

most of times, we do not write exception text on purpose, for now by cwicly, if the post did not have exception text, it I will show nothing on the page, i would suggest to improve here like other plugin. can we have auto post exception function here?

means, if the post did not wrote exception text, here will show the post content default text from the beginning.

or you can give one more “post content” dynamic tag function like,

Hello @qiang814k,

The post excerpt dynamic property does normally auto generate an excerpt if it cannot find one manually added by the user.

Please let me check this out on my side to see if I can reproduce this.

Thanks for your patience.

thanks , Louis! i have tesed many plugins for my projects in these months, i found cwicly will be the best in future, i just report some best features which the other plugin have, hope it will be helpfull.

Moving this to done as Cwicly does hook into the auto post excerpt function to automatically generate one if none is found.

If you experience specific trouble with this, please let me know by replying to this thread or opening a bug.