Can not add the "p" for taxonomy terms

it seems i can not add the p for taxonomy terms.

i am not sure this is bug or , i did in wrong way.

Hi there @qiang814k,

Make sure to set a source in the Source Tab in order for the block inserter to appear, allowing you to add a paragraph.

Let me know if this helps!

yes, if Source as custom it do works, but if select current, it seems does not work.

here it is my problems, some of my post have many tag, you see it below

but i want only show out 5 of them at most. means, if the tag quantity >5, only 5 of them, if the quantity<5, show all of them.

now i find one way as trick below, but it is not perfect way,

i am wondering to know where it is have a perfect way to do this.

Hi @qiang814k,

Thanks for the details.
It seems you are editing a Template in the Site Editor. I would recommend using the Dynamic Preview - Cwicly Documentation feature so that you can use the Taxonomy Terms block there.

As for a limit of terms, this is a good proposition that we will include in the next update.

Hope that helps.

thanks for your promptly reply,

[Dynamic Preview] is great, that helps a lot.

then I am waiting for this new feature…


Added in

:+1: ok, amazing!! big hero