Buttons should probably be inline-flex instead of flex


I can’t see a reason why Cwicly buttons are flex instead of inline-flex.
But I’m OK to be proven wrong :wink:

It causes some width side-effects (100%) and prevents displaying them on the same line.

Maybe there are use cases but it seems to me most of the time inline is better and doesn’t hurt.

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I have the same thoughts, so I also gave my vote for this.
There are rare cases when a button should be 100% in width by default, as it currently is with “display: flex”.
It works well when the button is wrapped in a div that has “display: flex”, but not always do I want an extra wrapper.
When the button is used alone, I frequently find myself changing it to “inline-flex”.
So I agree with @yankiara that the default for buttons should be "inline-flex.

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Hi @yankiara,

This is a good point and completely valid, thank you.
Changing this could unfortunately cause issues with installations that rely on this particular display property.
We’re currently reviewing the defaults system and I can see that this is where this type of setting would be perfectly suited.


Good to know :slight_smile:

And don’t forget the button icon… I think some CSS like this could be added to defaults as well:

.cc-btn svg {
    fill: currentColor;
    height: 1.5em;