Button block optional span tag for text

From old feedback: Cwicly - Forum

Option for the button block to enable a span tag for the text.
This would give many more possibilites in creating interactive buttons with relative styling.

Currently, I only use div’s as a link wrapper with a paragraph block (also to be kind of future proof when I want to edit the button and don’t want to run into any restrictions), optionally an icon block, when an icon is needed.
This gives me total flexiblitly and freedom.

An optional (not a default) setting to wrap the button text in a span tag would give me the opportunity to move away from this workaround.

Hi @Marius,

Thanks for bringing this up.
Indeed, there is a lack of <span> possibilities when it comes to the different RichText blocks we propose.
We are working on this to allow applying <span> to selected text inside our RichText blocks, just like making parts of the text bold, italic etc…
These multiple <span> tags would take a class that would then be styled through Relative Styling.

Indeed @Louis, the current RichText blocks are quite restrictive.
There were aleady a couple of threads about this situation, so good to know this is on the list.

I really like the idea you are trying to improve existing restrictions in this case.
Hopefully there will be the option to insert custom classes for these <span> tags.


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