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we are serving customers within EU where GDPR applies. I wanted to share feedback that our current workflow with Cwicly requires to download the fonts from “google fonts” and add them to the custom fonts manager. Loading Google Fonts directly from their servers is not GDPR compliant as user data get transfered to Google this way.

As an alternative I pitch replacing google fonts with bunny fonts, as the implementation is the same is serverd through CDN too. I guess the change just requires to change the API endpoint of the source. This solution would not require us to download and upload fonts manually & would improve our workflow.

Let me know what you think about this!

Hey @n1xn, welcome to the community :tada:

Cwicly stores all Google Fonts that are downloaded via Font Manager locally on your installation. There is no need to download them externally and install them manually as dedicated local fonts.
As long as you use downloaded fonts, there never will be a connection to the Google servers from Cwicly’s side.

Please also check the docs to learn more:

The Font Manager uses a locally hosted font library and the font files are stored on your own server. This ensures that they are transmitted securely and without the risk of them being intercepted by third parties.

Hope that helps to clear things up a bit.

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@Marius Thanks for the warm welcoming!

Great solution though.

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The last time i tried the BunnyFonts plugin it was connecting Google Analytics in the frontend… :person_facepalming:

Interesting project! Your feedback has been addressed, but I got a question for you:

Since connecting to the servers alone involves the IP address, which is seen as private data, what makes the bunny CDN more gdpr compliant than others?

Thanks in advance! :v:

In the EU it’s better to connect to EU servers. Bunny is located in the EU.