Broken Styles in Editor

Hey there,
hope this was not posted before (i didn’t find anything in my quick search), but I’m pretty sure @Marius will correct me if so! :wink:

I’m facing a weird problem with styles not being reflected in the editor but showing up correctly on the frontend. I’ve just upgraded a site from a 1.2.9** Version to the lates 1.3.** version.

Some styles inside my query block doesn’t show up correctly (styled via a class and relative styles, as you can see in the screenshot).

Was anyone else facing a similar issue? Not sure where this comes from to be honest.
Changes on the styles get reflected correctly in the frontend, but doesn’t do anything in the backend (for example when changing that date to a red color it shows up in the frontend, but doesn’t show up in the editor)!

PS: It’s hosted on a weird server which always makes some problems when updating any plugin, don’t know what kind of server this is, it’s from the customer, so maybe it has something to do with that server!?


Hi @Wolfgang,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Unfortunately I haven’t come across this issue on my end.

Could you possibly see if any errors appear in the browser console log?
If you see any, kindly share a screenshot here or by PM.

Additionally, is this issue specific to this page and query or a site-wide problem?

Thank you in advance.