Border box around menu item


I get some kind of border on only one menu item when I open my Modal.:

It looks like the ghost border in other topics. But it’s just a menu with working link.

Yes I saw that post but din’t understand it.

Do I have to set a focus?

What you see is browser default, so the focus is already set in the way you currently face.
If you want a different behavior, then yes.

You can style the outline, use another property like box-shadow instead, or disable it entirely.
Just tweak the according pseudo state per your needs.

Everything you need to know is in the linked thread.

Thanks @Marius I really appreciate your replies.
But I honestly not now what to do to get it away. Even with that other post.
I can find my first div but than…?

Like @Lijn-B
I keep on digging…

@Araminta can you help @weedor and me a little further?

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Moreover, this is a new behavior.
I have three other sites that do not exhibit this behavior.