Blueprint cwicly site - my stack

Hi, after seeing kevin’s blueprint site yt video, I build one with cwicly also for me.

On a side note: I wanted to use my bricks blueprint build, and like just delete bricks and install cwicly… but that did not work out well, on my local install I got a lot of errors for example with color handling, so I rebuild it again fresh. No probs here so far. :slight_smile:

Here is my stack for my blueprint cwicly page:

Theme: Cwicly (what else?)

  • Cwicly (without saying…)
  • happy files pro: essential time saver and brings joy for backend managing files/post/customposts/pages on big sites
  • wp codebox: all things custom code (super…), custom post types for ACF
  • rank math: all things SEO, though not all modules needed
  • mailpoet/pro (have a ltd here): everything mailing
  • fluentsmtp: for sending mails w/o hassle
  • litespeed cache (as I use lightspeed enterprise servers): perfect for CDN ( optimization/VPI&lazyload etcpp.
  • NinjaFirewall WP Edition: Security, light and great. With Daniel Ruf’s setup. (you can google “daniel ruf ninja firewall” for his github)

If needed:

  • for professional animations

And that is it.

What do you think? I am missing good stuff?
What is your stack?

Very similar to yours:

  • Squirrly SEO (instead of Rank Math, I missed the RM LTD like an idiot)
  • WPVivid, for backups to my pCloud and Google Drive

My mails are through Acumba and Vbout (LTDs on both) so don’t need smtp plugins. I also have Litespeed although EWWW might also come into play. Not sure, have to really dig deep into Litespeed first.

I have VPS so I do the firewall stuff server side instead of plugin.

I really, really, really want ACSS and Frames to come to Cwicly, but realize that is a pipe dream at the moment.

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Thank you, the SEO plugin I did not hear of before… :sweat_smile:
But ACSS will come to Gutenberg/Cwicly… they are already building….

Minimal footprint:

HappyFiles Pro
Simple Page Ordering
WPvivid Backup
Slim SEO
All In One WP Security
LS Cache (or WP Optimize + Converter for Media + Flying Images when no LiteSpeed server)


CPT UI or MetaBox
Regenerate Thumbnails

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In addition to the plugins, what CPTs, pages and templates do you have for your blueprint site?

Still trying to set mine up.


  • Policy Pages
  • Reviews
  • Team Members
  • Services
  • Locations

For pages so far I have:


  • Header (Jose)
  • Footer (Dreor)


  • 404
  • Page
  • Single
  • Single Item: Post
  • Index

The templates are all blank as I’m still wondering which ones are a good “base” and which ones are optional.

What templates, parts/fragments do you have on your blueprint sites?