Block Inserter

It is possible to add at the top of the Block Inserter a “MOST USED” blocks area but without any choice.
Isn’t possible to add some kind of “FAVORITE” blocks area where it could be possible to drag and drop the blocks that we want to stand at the top of the list.

I like the idea of pinned favorites and the ability to set your desired order.

Not a fan of the block inserter (panel) to be honest, I actually transitioned to the “insert before/after” shortcut (cmd + alt + t/y) and then search & insert my block with the forward slash (/) shortcut, because I couldn’t get warm with it.

Might give it another try if there are some improvements.

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If the “modal” of blocks is resizable and scrollable with an option to display only blocks, it could be reduce to only one block width (like the taskbar in Windows). This “bar” could be place vertically or horizontally.
In this mode, the margins/paddings of blocks could be drastically reduce.
Normaly, computing backend is made on desktop computer, so about 10 blocks could be displayed using a very little percentage of screen width. This number of blocks would cover a large part of commonly used ones.

I think that much better solution would be a use of shortcuts and the ability to set custom shortcuts for adding blocks.

I like shortcuts too but one does not prevent the other.
I also like the customization of shortcuts.

Well at least categorize them in the inserter, like:

  • structure (section, div, columns, etc.)
  • text (heading, paragraph, etc.)
  • media (icon, image, video, etc.)
  • dynamic (queries, fragment, repeater, etc.)
  • interactive (modal slider, etc.)
  • and so on…

Takes more space but that shouldn’t be an issue I guess.

Might be just me but staring at 20+ blocks makes me blind and after 5 secons or so I just use the search because I can’t find what I am looking for :see_no_evil:
That’s why I transitioned to shortcuts…

I think that can be considered as done, especially since the Quick Inserter has become a fixed part of the UI.


You are right @Marius !
Most often, I insert blocks via Quick Inserter now.
This feature is great.

Who is in charge to turn the status to “Done”?


Good to hear other users also use it regularly. It really is a time saver and improves workflow so much once getting used to it and figuring out the right blocks and order for it.

This feature suggestion was created before the Quick Inserter was introduced, and I find this an even better solution. Still, this is exactly what this request is about in general.

That would be the Cwicly team :sunglasses:

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Thank you @Araminta for turning status to “done”.

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