Block Annotations

Ability to create individual notes per block.


  • Personal tracking and management of plans, ideas, issues, etc.
  • Improved communication when working in teams / collaborating with 3rd parties.
  • Instructions for clients or when sharing blocks with others via file or the upcoming design library.

There could be the option to assign various categories to the items, like:

  • general
  • how-to
  • todo
  • bug
  • etc.

A label could be added to the block inside the Navigator to have a visual indicator available (like there is one for interactions, link wrapper, etc.).

It’s basically inspired by the VS Code
TODO Highlight extension.

Hope this suggestion is not too far-fetched.
It’s just something I would find useful, kind of miss from my custom builds, and has quite some use cases.


Interesting idea, this might be great for the different teams working with the site.