Better dynamic support

Thanks for all your suggestions everyone, much appreciated.

An ongoing implementation of the Dynamic Inserter is now available in with documentation at Dynamic Inserter - Documentation
We’d love to have your feedback and see how you find using it works for you :slight_smile:



This is great! Thanks for adding @Louis.
I like the way it’s implemented, but that’s of course just a first impression.
Looking forward to test things more extensively.

One thing for now.
If no dynamic tag is selected yet, could the dropdown menu open automatically when clicking the dynamic inserter icon?

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I like all the features/updates Louis brought, especially this. This is a lifesaver.


Hi @Louis

I have a question.
For the dynamic tag, is it possible to make render the actual data instead of showing the dynamic tag instead?

If this is possible, I have some suggestions for this.

Look at the screenshot below.

As you can see that the dynamic tag is now shown as post_title. When we have more dynamic tags on the page, the page will be full of dynamic tags instead of actual data, making the FSE looking not nice.

When the dynamic tags are rendered as actual data, I know it’s difficult to see which blocks contain dynamic tags.

So, my suggestion would be,
Whenever a dynamic tag is used in headings, paragraphs or any other blocks, add an indicator to the block on the navigator, making dynamic tags easy to find.

What do you think?
Any feedback is welcome.


What @jornes said.

In case this is possible, it would be really nice to see the actual data inside the FSE.
Maybe even with a tooltip when hovering to see which dynamic tag it is.

Not sure about the Navigator icon, since there is already a good visual indication available on the canvas/item.
That depends on users workflow, I guess. But I assume many could welcome it, so here a thumbs up as well.


Brilliant idea, that would be marvellous!

I completely agree. I think this is the biggest gap for me when working with query loops and dynamic data/functions within the query template.

Aside from not being able to get a working example of a Query Filter :grimacing:

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Hi Dranzer, I agree with you 100%.
I also use ACF, JetEngine (from Ukraine) and Meta Box.

And recently, I bought a license from ACPT ( as well.
The developer is doing fantastic work, but is still in the very beginning. That’s why I bought several stacks for a lifetime license at AppSumo.

I think we should support developers who have the courage to compete against large and established providers and put their heart and soul into such a project.

ACF is only leader now in my opinion because it is compatible with very much top plugin and theme makers. But the ACF (Pro)Plugin itself is outdated in my opinion. For example, it lacks important features like creating CPT, taxonomies, and the ability to store data in external custom tables. This is already standard with MetaBox and JetEngine.

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I am also in favour of dynamic data preview as long as it does not slow down the builder. Did notice some slow down in Bricks with the dynamic data preview in the past.

These will be available soon in ACF, too.

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