Better dynamic support


I want to use Cwicly but I cannot use it since it rely on ACF. It lacks integration with Metabox, Pods, etc. If not at least a php dynamic return function - so I can have my custom php function output the required data for me. I will stick with Bricks till then.


Hi @dranzer,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a message here.
Indeed, the lack of integration with other solutions does refrain quite a few users to take the next step with Cwicly.

While we do support shortcodes in the dynamic blocks, I can understand this is not flexible enough for uses that aren’t simplistic.

I’ll be going live tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have a temporary solution to propose that might have you reconsider :wink:

Hi @Louis,

Thanks for getting back to me. I am yet to try/buy Cwicly. Do you meant any shortcodes will work fine? Since metabox and pods have shortcode out of box. I can always write a shortcode instead of returning the data in my php function. Can you post a screenshot of how the dynamic data view is? Also are all blocks dynamic? Like in Bricks I can insert dynamic data into anything from a text field to a complex element.

@Louis I saw your video. Code block is a much needed addition. I can temporary output my code and manually style it at least. Though an option to output dynamic data from shortcode or php return function in the dynamc source dropdown would have been better. It would have prevented my time to style the content manually.


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Hello @dranzer,

Indeed, this is something to be considered.
Do remember that you can still style the content either through a wrapper block or a global class.

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I am adding a link to Bricks Dynamic Data documentation. Take a look at the possibilites to insert dynamic data and what type of dynamic data. Dynamic Data – Bricks Academy (

Having support for more dynamic data providers is also important to allow users to easily switch to Cwicly from their existing theme/page builders. I saw Metabox is on the roadmap now. May be pods can also be considered.

Hello @dranzer,

Please elaborate :slight_smile:

  1. Ability to use dynamic data anywhere.

You can also write like this in a para tag in Bricks. Hello {mydynamicfield}. Welcome to {anotherdynamicfield}

I noticed that there are two fields in Cwicly before and after but that is not flexible like Bricks implementation.

  1. Ability to use PHP Dynamic Return Function.

I can output my custom php function in the dynamic data like this. {echo:my_custom_function}

If this can be added in Cwicly dynamic data under Source tab in Cwicly then I can do a lot of missing dynamic integration without touching the code block.

  1. Lots of filters which apply to the dynamic data

You can change output of the dynamic data on fly.

I hope this was comprehensive enough. I think I am done with my feature requests for now. I’ll let you know if there is anything else. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.