Best Practice Sample Website build with Cwicly

It would be rather helpful, especially for someone new to Cwicly, if there is a site made with cwicly available, which one could import to see how a site is build in a good manner, mainly with respect to the use of sections, divs, columns and to use them in what structure, to wrap and contain the different content blocks


Hi @FZwo,

Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

We are planning for this with themes, which would be available from the Cloud Design Library, containing all the necessary templates for a website, which with a simple click would be applied to your installation.

If you have any suggestions or requests regarding this, please don’t hesitate to let us know!


That’s great, when can we expect that? And there are no specific requests from my side, I don’t need or expect the usual starter sites.

Just to avoid it is misunderstood, I am asking for a best practice site for a complete site download, usually on a separate installation for myself, to look up from time to time how some things are made. It is not about downloading parts to a web app one is currently working on.

I am just thinking of a fully functional site, so I can look up

  • how elements are structured and nested in an appropriate way and with respect to the different kind of sections (header, main, footer etc.), using sections, divs, columns

  • how and where the settings are used to apply the site to different device types (desktop, tablets and mobiles)

and contains sound, functional and designed example of a navigation (header) und a broader footer.

Such a sample site would save me a lot of time when building my sites from scratch and avoids making fundamental mistakes which lead into trouble later on. And I am not talking about a newbe level, it also helpful for someone with some experience in block based themes and plugins


This sounds like an excellent idea!

I also vote for this, especially with respect to accessibility (color visibility, font sizing, keyboard navigation, etc.).

Plan on using Cwicly for a Non-profit site which requires a bit more strictness in accessibility (US laws).

Please provide a basic theme demonstrating the value of Cwicly to learn from - Feature Requests - Cwicly