Be able to click on the image preview to select new image

When selecting an image for a block (e.g. for a background image) when there is no existing image, you can click the large “Set Image” button to choose the image from the gallery.

Once an image is already selected, to update that image you can only click on the small search/magnifying glass icon button to choose the new image from the gallery.

For UX purposes, having a larger surface area to click on speeds up the process of adding images, so it will be an improvement to make the image preview clickable and function the same as the “Set Image” button does once an image has already been selected.

This is a small change but will make a big difference.


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Just giving this some attention as we are noticing it every day.

In my opinion a very good quick win when it can be implemented.

I know the Cwicly team has been focusing on and delivering big features like the components release and the grid builder (in addition to other not yet released features as mentioned by @Louis) and these are amazing additions that are much appreciated.

I just want to highlight again this small change that will make a big impact to the user experience, so when possible it can be integrated.


Improvements are always being considered while we develop bigger features.
We are aware and have planned for the improvement and rework of the background image properties.

Best regards,

I just noticed this has been done! :grin:

Brings a smile to my face to see such a useful feature that impacts day to day workflow for our team get sorted out.

Big features are amazing and the little things all add up as well.

Thank you so much @Louis and the Cwicly team - this small change has made my day and I’m sure will save Cwicly users countless seconds over time.

@Araminta & @JohnD, just confirming as per my enthusiastic previous message that this can be considered done.

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Hi @StrangeTech,

I wanted to take a moment to express the team’s heartfelt gratitude for your comment :hugs:

Thank you for acknowledging Louis’ and the entire team’s dedicated work.
It’s comments like yours that remind us why we do what we do.

Moving to done.

What Cwicly is doing is exceptional. Whether it is innovating with useful features, listening to and considering user feedback with care and attention, speedily implementing new requests and fixing bugs, the effort is very evident and needs to be acknowledged.

It is truly a pleasure working with Cwicly due to the dedicated team that is committed to excellence. Thanks again!