Base breakpoint value not showing in other breakpoints in relative style


Usually the base breakpoint value gets shown in gray:

But in a relative style it isn’t. The value is empty:

Environment info

  • WordPress version: 6.4.3
  • Cwicly Plugin version:

Hi @jan,

I am wondering if you by any chance set up your relative styles before the recent breakpoint changes and then reset your breakpoints.

If so, you will need to move your styles from the previous base breakpoint to the new one.

You may be able to use the new Cwicly tool for this, if you do, make sure to backup beforehand as indicated.

Hi @StrangeTech ,

I did that, yes. Since I only had the video block in a div I deleted it and rebuilt everything. But the problem persists.

Here is the relative style when I reported the bug (btw the CustomCssExtras weren’t shown anymore in the editor when I was in the lg breakpoint):

    "relativeStyle": {
    "name": "& > video",
    "rules": [
        "selectorType": "type",
        "selector": "video",
        "combinator": " > ",
        "id": "0gnesk"
    "id": "ltxaig"
  "relativeStyleCSS": {
    "containerSizeWidth": {
      "rs2xlltxaig": "1940px",
      "rsxlltxaig": "1556px",
      "rslgltxaig": "1300px",
      "rsmdltxaig": "1044px",
      "rssmltxaig": "788px",
      "rsbaseltxaig": "660px"
    "customCSSExtras": {
      "rslgltxaig": ".relativestyle {\r\n  object-fit: cover;\r\n  object-position: center center;\r\n}",
      "rsbaseltxaig": ""
    "containerSizeHeight": { "rsbaseltxaig": "unset" }

And here is the relative style after deleting the class and the blocks and rebuilding everything:

        "name":"& > video",
                "combinator":" > ",

Hello @jan,

Thanks for the report.
Indeed, I can confirm that previous values are not appearing when editing Relative Styles.

I have added this to the bug tracker and it should be fixed in the coming updates.


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