Background-type selector not working on responsive views


I am experiencing a problem with the background-type selector on responsive design. I am using a video as the background for the desktop and tablet views of my site, but I would like to use a picture for the mobile view. When I press the image button on mobile view for the background the video selector remains and it doesn’t allow me to select an image.

Step-by-step reproduction instructions:

  1. Add a section with a video background.
  2. Change the background setting from video to image on responsive view.

Here is a screenshot of what the sidebar looks like when I select the image background on the responsive view.

That’s currently not possible, but maybe something to expect in the future:

Maybe you can get some inspiration here to address your requirements in the meantime:

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Hi @Wendy,

Thank you for bringing this up. As @Marius pointed out, this has already been addressed as a Feature Request and he has himself come up with a nice temporary solution with the use of Relative Styling.
So feel free to add your feedback to either of those threads. :slight_smile:

Moving this to General as it is not a bug.

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