Background of single menu item different

Background: I created too header templates, and most part of it are reusable blocks (to reduce doubled code). The first header (front page only) is fine, when hoovering the second menu item (about) has the same background color as the other items. On the other pages that specific menu item does show a different background on hoover, the other ones are still as intended. Can’t sort out what is happening there.

Hi @FZwo,

Without some additional details it is harder to pinpoint the cause.

To make this easier, when you have isolated the exact css that is changing the background using the page inspector in the browser, that may yield some valuable insights into what is causing this.

There may be an erroneous or conflicting style rule, a rule order priority issue or a cascade specificity issue with the css and the only way to know for sure is to inspect it directly.

Yeah, sorry, my fault (as in most cases), just had some current settings on hover (which one cannot see as it is not indicated that these setting are set in the editor)