Background Blend Mode resets when leaving editor

When using a color gradient set with a blend mode to darken a background image, the editor is losing the blend mode setting when leaving and returning to the editor.

On the front end the blend mode is set on the color gradient that was applied, so it’s only in the editor that this behavior appears. Granted, you have to redo the blend mode once you go back into the in the editor as any change to the page in the editor will of course be shown on the front end and it will overwrite the existing blend mode setting.

Currently running:

  • WordPress version: 6.0.2
  • Cwicly Plugin version:
  • Cwicly Theme version: 1.0.3

Hi @chipriggs,

Thanks for the report, nice find.

Indeed, the Background Blend Mode is not being saved in its correct type.
Sorry for that.
We’ll have a fix in the next update.

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Thanks Louis!

In regards to background images & gradient overlays, I’m also seeing some strange behavior when trying to adjust them for responsive uses.

I’m trying to adjust them to have them change parameters responsively as things shift to smaller view ports, ultimately in certain situations having them hide on the smallest size (phone). At this point it doesn’t seem possible as the changes I make at the different breakpoints just take over and don’t act as media queries usually do.

Also, I’ve tried adding in a CSS “display: none” property to the background image in a media query at the smaller viewport matching, the existing media query, through the advanced CSS panel for that section, but unfortunately it just completely hides the background image totally at all viewport sizes in the editor while displaying as it should (showing & not showing at the smaller viewport sizes) on the front end.

I noticed that @Araminta had put in a feature request a while ago (”It would be great to extend responsive styling to colours (background, text…)”) so hopefully this is something that is being added as I do tend to use these a lot in my client work.

Since this is somewhat complicated to explain, hopefully what I’ve written describes the situation in a comprehendible manner. Thanks!