Backend UX is a mess for me

Awesome decisions behind this Cwicly product. And tons of control and awesome features. Really impressed. Just bought it. But really not impressed with the UX.

The pictures are after importing a header into the index and header template. It is a mess in the backend generally and somewhat confusing and there must be a setting I have changed or should have changed.

Can someone advice ?

The problem can also be seen here:

Environment info

  • WordPress version: Latest WP 6.01
  • Gutenberg Plugin version: None. The included Gutenberg is used.
  • Cwicly Plugin version:
  • Cwicly Theme version: 1.0.3

Hi there @JacobDK,

May I ask if you have HTTP Basic Auth set up?
If so, there is a bug with Gutenberg which makes some of the styles not apply on the Site Editor.
I would really recommend deactivating this.

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How would I know that … other themes work fine with it so … only after installing Cwicly. It has to work, work, work for me. Out of the box.

The Cwicly approach is simply awesome. But even after consulting documentation I did not manage to import a template to play around with - It takes seconds with Astra theme. And the Ricardo template as you can see does not work I hope we can agree. The overlapping header … :slight_smile:

That being said. I cancelled my license, but I want to try again some time soon. 1.18 seems to fix some of the UX issues. But the UX is just not for me yet. It has to extend Gutenberg without being another builder that I have to adapt to - and clients should adapt to. Otherwise I will use Bricks Builder I think.

The new video your team made where you show of the tabs-solution seems really awesome, but again … why start from scratch when inserting a tabs-block - the solution is powerful and awesome - but to start from scratch and define everything and have the content hover to the upper right in relation to the tab title ? How can that be good UX ? No other tabs-solutuion I have seen have started so bare-bone. Maybe there really is an upside … I think not. Astra, Elementor … none of them starts like that from scratch,

Anyways - I really think you have made some really good decisions, great work. Awesome product, really.

But it has to work, work, work … Not trying to be smart or anything.

I have a feeling I will be back soon. You are smart people, making a smart product.

I cancelled and deactivated before trying the http basic auth-test - but I do not think it was on, (but I will try when I buy again) - I will test later on, when I buy again. When I wrote “How would i know that” - it was in relation to the experience of frustration of getting used to and customizing … . and then some errors …that was frustrating.

Sorry for the title of the post, Louis. I can not edit it. Please change the title to “Backend overwhelming for me”

The new role editor in 1.1.8 is brilliant @Louis - It takes care of my personal frustration with the backend. Is it possible change the icons used so they follow the looks of gutenberg ?

And maybe also change the colors and fonts of the Cwicly interface from black to something lighter, but not white ?

Just saw this post:

I hope you respect my frustration as non-aggressive and just an expression of my personal frustration.

Thank you for changing the title of my initial post.