Backend: Increasing icon contrast

I haven’t worked in Cwicly for a while and today I see the UI / UX changes. Basically I think it’s very well done and it looks classy, but my problem is that I have trouble really capturing the icons.
Depending on the angle of the lines, the antialiasing has a very strong effect and makes the contrast even worse (of course, this varies depending on the monitor used, its resolution and distance to the eyes).

Here is a screenshot (in Firefox) with some comments:

It would be great if there was a possibility to adjust the base color of the icons yourself or if you could make them more contrasty in general.

EDIT: Here in the editor the screenshot (PNG) looks a bit more blurred than it was in reality.

Thanks in advance

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For these reasons, I left aside dark mode.
I’m waiting for a better contrast to come back.

For me the bright view is not much better.
The icons in the left panel with 20px are sharper and have less antialiasing.

I wish the other icons could be this size too, here is an example of the icons with 20px size:
compared to the current view with 16px size:

A quick demo with overall enlarged icons and a color of rgb(220,220,220):

(In reality this is even more sharp then here after the upload)