Backend: Increasing icon contrast

I haven’t worked in Cwicly for a while and today I see the UI / UX changes. Basically I think it’s very well done and it looks classy, but my problem is that I have trouble really capturing the icons.
Depending on the angle of the lines, the antialiasing has a very strong effect and makes the contrast even worse (of course, this varies depending on the monitor used, its resolution and distance to the eyes).

Here is a screenshot (in Firefox) with some comments:

It would be great if there was a possibility to adjust the base color of the icons yourself or if you could make them more contrasty in general.

EDIT: Here in the editor the screenshot (PNG) looks a bit more blurred than it was in reality.

Thanks in advance

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For these reasons, I left aside dark mode.
I’m waiting for a better contrast to come back.

For me the bright view is not much better.
The icons in the left panel with 20px are sharper and have less antialiasing.

I wish the other icons could be this size too, here is an example of the icons with 20px size:
compared to the current view with 16px size:

A quick demo with overall enlarged icons and a color of rgb(220,220,220):

(In reality this is even more sharp then here after the upload)

The icons on the back end are too small.

One has to squint their eyes to figure out what is what. It is especially true for flexbox settings icons, and icons all over in general.

The icons in Bricks are well sized and a mere glance at their icons reveals their purpose. No squinting of eyes is necessary.

Increasing icon sizes and contrast, would help a ton.