Any way to make styling a website less overwhelming?

I want to use cwicly to style a website, because I like the control and power it affords. I love the fact that cwicly websites let you reuse your customizations, and the idea of the workflow seems nice. That said, I’m lost as to how to actually theme everything, as the amount of work required to theme each and every element from the default black unstyled raw HTML seems overwhelming. Getting working menus, for instance, with hover colors and such would take a long time. Are there any sample websites that have everything styled, that one could start with as a base? Or custom CSS that we could apply to get started. This would allow me to start with a working base, and customize the website slowly, rather than having to do it all at once. I’ve looked at the cloud styles, and notice that there’s no nav element built into the cloud library, nor any nested menus.

A starter theme is on the roadmap in the “Planned soon” section:

The Nav block itself does enable you to use a preset set of styles, to get you started more quickly:

@Louis has revealed there are a lot more features planned for the near future for helping with all of the points you mentioned, in the meantime, there is the opportunity to build a set of reusable styles and components, so you won’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Thanks!!! Is there a way to export/import global style information and custom css?

Also, do we know whether the starter site is planned for 2025, April 2023, or sooner than that?

Hi @equitieslab,

Yes. Please see this tip for details:

Only @Louis knows the answer to this, however he mentioned it is planned for after the Tailwind integration, which itself is planned for release in early 2024 according to the most recent Live stream he did.

Oh, and I found the templates sections of the cloud library, so I’m much happier than I was… So yeah. It’s amazing how often looking multiple times in the same area works well :-).

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