Alternative content and pagination issue when Query posts result emporty

i have posts content base on the query block( collect other posts in this page),if query not emporty, it looks like this below

it’s perfect,

but, some times, the query result will be emporty, so the page will show nothing(capture below) ,but the pagination arrow are still there(only hide the pagination number ), maybe here need hide everything under query pagination, not the pagination number block only .

normally, if on the first page, the “left arrow” should be unclick able(or hide). on last page, the “right arrow” should be unclickable(or hide), seems cwicly do not have the setting ability either(maybe it do have but i did find?).
setting capture

Once the query result is emporty, i think, it’s better have some way to show a alternative information here to make it looks more professional.

the odd thing is, on backend, cwicly editor do have a sentence " no results founds" now, but it can not show on frontend at the moment.

what i want to suggest here is to have customized ability of what to show once query results are emporty.