Allow SVG in HTML inserter

Almost filed this in the Bugs channel, because I expected this to work out of the box. :smiling_face:

Personally I think it’s not up to the software to decide if a SVG is safe to paste. This decision and responsibility taken and made by the person trying to paste HTML snippets.

  1. Please provide the functionality to paste SVG into the SVG block
  2. An opt-in toggle switch in the Role Editor Settings

:+1: This would allow a faster and more barrier-free use of the feature.

Maybe allowing it only if has an administrator role to make everyone happy?

I’d make it available to all roles in the role editor, but turned off as default.
Again, offering options and leaving the decisions to the site admin is the most liberal approach imho.

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Ok sorry I misread your post!
I was back from over a year without using Cwicly and I thought we were talking about pasting sections here but that thing is already builtin.
So for a single block. Yeah for sure your point makes total sense that we’d wish pasting to work.
Role and permission for that too?
Definitely a plus if can be implemented.

It’s already implemented as of

Thanks so much Louis! :muscle:

Hi @oppi,

Thank you for sharing this request!

Indeed, this functionality was added in

Here’s a little demo for those that are curious:

Check :heavy_check_mark:

Moving to done.

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