Allow manual override of individual Colour picker palette shades

The new colour picker is certainly full featured and a massive improvement. Currently when you generate a palette, the values for the shades are automatically created, which is a great feature. The Hue and Saturation values allow some dynamic customisation of the generated values which also works well.

In many designs a more customised approach has been taken by the designer which needs to be recreated in Cwicly.

It will be great to be able to override each individual shade of the palette to have full control.

Thank you.

I think you can already do this by clicking on any shade and adjusting the color in the pop up color panel.

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Hi @StrangeTech,

As @msguerra74 rightly pointed out, this is currently already possible.


Or do you have something else in mind?

Thank you in advance.

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@Araminta & @msguerra74 , thank you for pointing this out, I was looking in the palette configuration area, not in the global colour selection.

This is perfect. Consider this done by default.

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