Allow Filter blocks to update multiple Query blocks

It is not clear whether this is a bug or a feature request so for now it’s a feature request.

We have a requirement to display two types of pricing plan information on the same page in different sections. It is not practical to do this with a single Query.

We set up two identical Filters targeting the same url parameters with two unique Query blocks.

When updating one Filter the other updates exactly as we were hoping.

Unfortunately the Query block connected to the second Filter does not update when the Filter updates.

When loading the page with the url parameters specified both Filter blocks and Query blocks display correctly.

This is a really important feature as many designs may split the display of data into multiple sections / areas and being able to influence these with a dynamic change of url parameters is essential.

It goes without saying this will make the Query block more powerful because it also allows for custom implementations that change the url parameters dynamically to update the Query block.


This can be marked as #done - I just tested again using the same query ID for multiple Query blocks and it works perfectly!

Previously when I tested this with an older Cwicly version and different filter parameters it didn’t work, so I ruled it out at that point.

This makes Cwicly Query blocks extremely flexible - Nicely done!

@JohnD & @Araminta, just letting you know this can be marked as done