All my containers are defaulting to 1366px - so confused with Cwicly

I am genuinely getting more confused and more frustrated the more I use Cwicly. I’ve spent hours setting up my header, footer, templates and now starting to add content and now tearing my hair out.

In my index template, the post content block looks visibly like it’s boxed.

When I add a section on a a page, it renders at 100% as I would expect, but my containers are boxed too.

When I add just a container give it some padding and set it to 100%, it renders at 1366px

When I checked the inspector, I can see a container class set to 1366px max width.

.cc-cntr {
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
max-width: 1366px;

I never set this width up anywhere in the builder, or the auto-margins. I’ve been searching through every setting, every field in the builder for the past 2 hours and can’t it anywhere. All width fields are blank.

Does anyone know where this is being set and how I can fix this?

Hey @slpoty.

This has already been brought up here.
To get the entire context, I recommend to start reading some posts above.

You didn’t set these values, these are hardcored defaults which are non-accessible through the UI.
You can apply (override) your own values inside the global block settings.
Learn about it in the documentation.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

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Thanks @Marius you are a star!

You know, if the devs did something really simple like having a greyed out value in the max-width field then it would be really helpful. I’m sure other newbs will encounter this too. It would have saved me hours of wasted time. Of course, it goes withot saying that I should have read the docs but I gave up trying to learn from them because they’re out of date.


Hi @slpoty this video explains the Cwicly container element. Hopefully this helps:

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Yeah - just had a look. Watched some of your other videos - good stuff :slight_smile:

Lovely! Don’t get frustrated :slightly_smiling_face: though we have all been there. Just post your question in here and we’ll sort your issue out, not a bother.
Cwicly Tailwind integration is about to drop, so they are quiet at the moment.

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Hey @slpoty, glad you could sort it!

Indeed, at least some hint would be helpful.
Especially since the previous approach, where one could set these values in the global settings, isn’t available anymore, I’ve seen users getting confused.
Quick front-end checking with dev tools will clear things up in most cases, but as you mentioned, it isn’t intuitive and especially new users probably get stuck sometimes.

In my opinion, the way this currently works is not how I would expect it and is kind of against the overall concept of Cwicly. It’s an approach that would rather fit with other builders, but appears a bit odd here.
Anyway, I don’t mind too much about it and I of course accept the decision that was made here.

I see.
They are getting there eventually. There is constant improvement, I discover new stuff regularly when referring to the documentation here on the Discourse.
I definitely get what you mean but it’s worth checking them out too see if there are helpful info within the desired topic.
The improved docs (where already available) are pretty good in my opinion.

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Me - especially! I felt like throwing my computer in nthe river. very frustrating.

yeah - they really are. Not really complaining - in other other buiders I tried, the docs are really poor or non existent or you need to watch a video to do something. I gave up on those.

Cwicly, for all my frustrations has been the best experience for me so far and I’m deteremined to get to grips with it. :slight_smile:

I feel you @slpoty.

I know it’s tempting to figure out by oneself how things work (or should).
Pushing boundaries regularly won’t make sense though.

So here is my general suggestion:

Cheers :v: