All Cwicly blocks are gone after latest update


I’ve updated a couple of staging sites with the latest update and all pages now show, for example, ‘Your site doesn’t include support for the “Cwicly/Section” block. You can leave this block intact or remove it entirely.’

There are no Cwicly blocks or any Cwicly-related items in the block editor. The Cwicly settings in the WP sidebar is still there, so I’m not sure what happened. I originally updated my test site and had the problem, so I tried a completely different site (staging version) and it also has the issue. I don’t see this reported by anyone else, so I thought I’d check here to see if you knew what might be causing this.


I have updated to the latest version but have not faced any issues so far.

Hi there @msguerra74,

I’m sorry you’re experiencing issues.

This sounds rather unusual if Cwicly is still active on the installation.
It sounds more like the Cwicly assets for the block editor are not being loaded.

Could you open the browser console and let me know if there are any errors that appear?
If you prefer, you can send us a temporary login to one of the staging sites at and I’ll have a quick look to see what’s going on.

Apologies for this once again.

It seems to only be happening in Safari and I get the following console error:

It works fine in Firefox, but I’m still getting some other console errors. I’m not sure if they’re from Cwicly or something else, but here there are for reference:

Hello @msguerra74,

Thanks for the login details, much appreciated. Will check this out later today.

I can confirm, I have the same issue. Safari does not work, Chrome and Firefox do.

Hello @msguerra74 and @grassroots,

Indeed, there is an issue with Safari and doesn’t seem to to discriminate user roles…
Apologies for this, please bear with us while we find out the exact issue.

Thanks for your patience.

Just to confirm that we have found the bug, related to a RegEx lookback (not supported on those browsers).
We should have the fix out later today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thank you. Perhaps too, there could be a way to revert or download a previous version of Cwicly?

Thanks @Louis I appreciate your quick responses and hard work!

Hi there @badcat,

If necessary, we’re always glad to send it to you if you contact us at :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

This was fixed in

Please let me know if you encounter an issue.

Thanks again for your patience.

@Louis It seems to work great now, thanks again!

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