Alignment Issue: Taxonomy Terms Not Displaying as Intended in Frontend

I added taxonomy terms and intended for them to align like words in a paragraph. I set the CSS properties ‘display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap;’ for the container, and ‘display: inline-block;’ for the terms. I also specified row gap and column gap of 4px.

However, in the frontend, there is an additional code that overrides the previously set row and column gap settings. It applies ‘column-gap: 10px;’ and ‘row-gap: 10px;’ to the ‘’ class.

Is there a way to prevent this additional code from interfering with the desired layout?

Hello @weedor,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble here.

This might be related to the gap properties that are set on the Grid display. @Araminta did mentioned it to me but I haven’t yet had the possibility to investigate.

Could you possibly try switching to grid display and make sure you remove any gaps set there?

Thanks in advance.


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Sure, it is not a major issue.
In the meantime, I added a few CSS lines that fixed the problem. I will try to switch to grid.
Thank you for your reply, @Louis.